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About KCP

Founded by fellow Jesus people, this community is for people who are ready to take their calling up a notch. Whether you are in a season of preparing or already walking in your purpose this group will help you go further, faster. 

Kingdom Purpose Coaching only opens for new members a few times a year. Head to our website to join the waitlist, and check us out on Youtube for free resources. 

Why You Should Join

This community will bring clarity to your calling and practical steps for you to follow to step into that calling. Learn the tools you need to start businesses, grow spiritually, and walk by Fatih. 

A little about us

Grant and Rachel have been serving in ministry since their teenage years, and building businesses since their early twenties. In the last 5 years they have been building multi-million dollar businesses with Jesus as their CEO. Their passion is to see people come alive in their Kingdom identity! Their other passion is helping people build businesses and career paths that build wealth to impact the world.